Passing Skills

  •  Two hand pass
  •  Hand position on the ball
  •  Ball fakes
  •  Chess passing (NO ARC ON THE BALL)
  •  Bounce pass
  •  Back door passing
  •  Pass into the post
  •  Overhead passing
  •  Target passing (outside, post passing, cross court)

Mental Toughness

  •  Baseline concepts of the way you think
  •  Focus/Concentration
  •  Raising your level of Expectation

Basic Foot Work

All players must be able to play in a correct STANCE as footwork and balance are key to all skills.

  •  Two foot stop
  •  Forward Pivot
  •  Reverse Picot
  •  Drop Step
  •  Jab Step
  •  Step with the pass
  •  Layups

Michael Jordan said it best when he said: “My attitude is that if you push me towards something that think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying!”


  •  Offensive & defensive rebounding
  •  Positioning
  •  Outlet passing
  •  Screening out (zone & man 2 man)
  •  Free throw line pinch
  •  Reading the ball
  •  Correct position of the elbow


  •  Patience
  •  Reading the defense
  •  Body language communication
  •  Zone offense
  •  Man 2 man offense
  •  Triple threat position ( most important)
  •  Full court vision

Full Court Press

  •  Trap in corner (Baseline trap)
  •  Half Court Trap (Near sideline)
  •  Force the ball away from the middle
  •  How to force turnovers (important to have hands up to block vision)
  •  When to fall back to half court defense

Full Court Press Break 

  •  Ball Fakes
  •  Patience
  •  Passing instead of dribbling
  •  Look down court (full court vision)
  •  Ball Reversal


  •  Right and left hand dribbling
  •  Cross over dribble
  •  Behind the back dribble
  •  Speed dribbling
  •  Hesitation dribble
  •  Reverse dribble (Change direction)
  •  Split the defense dribble

Transition - Fast Break Offense

  •  Quick outlet passing
  •  Filling The Lanes
  •  Full court vision
  •  When to pass for shot or layup
  •  When to stop and reset offense

Our Camp Objectives

Release old ideas and beliefs. Empty your cup of pre-conceived barriers and fill it with new knowledge. Be in the moment—no past, no future—and only aware of the present. Only then can you begin to master these skills and concepts of basketball. We firmly believe that the most effective way to perform at peak performance levels is to practice (even when you are just learning new skills) continuously.

AllStar Basketball Academy


  •  Communication
  •  Man 2 man
  •  Zone defense (difficult to screen out)
  •  Close out on shooters
  •  Double team
  •  Help side defense
  •  Switching on screens
  •  How to get through/over the screen
  •   No reaching (out of position)


  •  Follow through with wrist
  •  Correct hand position
  •  Backboard angles
  •  Rhythm shooting
  •  Catch and shoot (off the screen)
  •  One dribble pull up shooting
  •  Step back shooting
  •  Proper rotation of the ball