AllStar Basketball Academy

Sebastian  Poitier

Sebastian Poitier has a real love for the game of basketball.  He began playing as a child and was a noted player with his high school basketball team in Deerfield Beach Florida in 1982.  Sebastian received his education from Texas College in 1988 specializing in Physical Education. Sebastian resides in East Palo Alto and  has spent the past 19 years coaching teams at:  Pinewood Middle School, Egan Middle School, Gunn High School, and Homestead High School. Currently he coached his Priory High School girls to win the CCS Finals.   His heart is to help the players love the game and utilize their skills.  His motto is "Hard work & dedication"

Eddie McGee

They refer to me as coach Eddie. Even my friends call me coach! I have been coaching basketball since 1987 and only stopped for a few years when my son was born. The love of the game has drawn me back to coaching and helping kids reach their dreams of playing team ball. Coaching high school basketball has been a great love for me, it feeds my soul. AAU, NJB, SCHOOL TEAMS, or just plain recreational basketball, it’s all the same language to me. THE LANGUAGE OF BASKETBALL!

I have been fortunate enough to coach my own son, as any father would. Teaching the game from the basic level all the way
up to becoming an elite player has been my passion in life. Since I have found my passion, I will live it to the fullest. Teaching the language of basketball requires a lot of experience, energy, passion, patience, and a desire to succeed like no other. There is nothing like finding talent in someone, helping them to not only to develop it, but excel at it, and bring it to life on the court!

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